Enroll In GET Now and Save Big On College Later!

One of the first things we invested in  for our boys-not long after we bought the strollers, the bouncy thing, and all their other, “Must haves,” was a GET  account. What’s a GET account? GET stands for, “Guaranteed Education Tuition,” and it’s a program that lets you buy college units now, at today’s prices, to […]

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Fantasy Lights 2014-Register Now To Walk; Plus Half-Off Nights And Your Coupon Link!

    If Christmas light display are one of your favorite holiday things, you may want to walk or drive through the light show at  at Fantasty Lights in Spanaway. Here’s all you need to know about this year’s event, including the Fantasy Lights walk, and how to save half off or get the coupon to save on […]

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Save An Extra 20% Off Local Groupons-Including the Santa Express (New Date)!

Update: Massive bummer alert.  I was so excited to see this deal back that I didn’t notice the fine print. Turns out this Santa Train is for 21 and over. Yes, it’s the, “Booze Cruise,” version of the Santa Express. I guess…..I don’t really get it either.  Anyway, you can still take an extra 20% […]

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Sign Up Now For Teddie Bear Music: Music Classes For Children 2-6 And Their Parents!

Teddie Bear girl

I get lots of notes from Tacoma area parents of babies, toddles, and preschoolers looking to have fun. Here’s a great program for moms and dads to enjoy with their little ones that I think you’ll just love. It’s the Teddie Bear Music program from our sponsors at Ted Brown Music in Tacoma. I asked […]

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Turkey Trot Time!


Want to earn that turkey dinner? The Norpoint Turkey Trot is a fun run that happens every Thanksgiving morning, and if you and your family want to participate, you’ll want to sign up now. I don’t fully understand paying money to run, but I know I have many fun run loving readers.   Anyway,  as […]

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Happy Veteran’s Day

A special Sounds Fun Mom, “Thank you,” to those who serve and have served. I am super proud that this site has been a helpful place for many military families right from the beginning. I have a list of Veteran’s Day observances and things to do with the kids today  right here. Do check the […]

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Just Between Friends Sale Coming Up in Renton! Win A Pass to Shop First!!

300x250 AD-JBF

Update: Congratulations to Ali and Patti who won the early admission passes. Happy shopping, gals. Let us know what you score. If you didn’t win, you can purchase a prime time pass here, or if you’re eligible, you can sign up for an early admission pass here.  Everyone  can also use this post for free […]

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South Sound Weekend Kids’ Calendar: Family Fun And Things To Do November 7th-9th!

Looking for something kid friendly to do this weekend? Here’s our weekly guide to South Sound area fun with activities for Tacoma, Puyallup, Olympia, and Your South Sound home! You’ll find a list just like this-just for the South Sound-every Friday morning! Headed elsewhere? There is always lots more to explore  at ThriftyNWmom  thanks to frugal fun […]

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Weekend Preview!

Hi, friends, Your weekend list is coming, but it’s going to be late today because, well……..I have a whole lot of life going on over here! If you’re reading this via email, you’ll want to come straight to the site to check for it later today. In the meantime, you may want to read my […]

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Get Moving And Laughing With Just Dance 2015!

Just Dance Blog One

Do you ever look around and realize everyone in the family is staring at a screen? If not, then you’ve got us beat. Yep, we work hard at limiting the boys’ screen time, but there are moments when my husband and I are just as guilty of zoning out when we should be tuning in. […]

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