Scoopfest at Baskin n Robbins

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Scoop Fest

Baskin n Robbins is currently running their Scoopfest promotion, with scoops of ice cream for 1.00.

Do call your store first to see if they’re participating. Ours in Puyallup has always been on board with promotions in the past (I haven’t checked on this one yet), but some readers have run into trouble trying to find one offering this deal. I’d hate for you to go and have disappointed kiddos!

If you’re in the mood for a sure thing today, the Deal of the Day page still has ongoing offers to practically every indoor play place for kids in the area, and with this weird weather, you’re sure to have some days you’d like a dry place to play!

Speaking of which….Don’t forget to go one post down to read all about our next reader event with our sponsors at BounceEHouse. It’s going to be so much fun!



  1. Nechelle Ratliff says

    Has anyone found a local Baskins Robbins that is participating in the $1.00 per scoop promotion that is running in honor of the Amazing Spiderman 2?? I went to the one on 6th & Sprague and it was a no go and I called the one off of 6th & Pearl and was told that they are not participating as well. This is frustrating because when you go onto the Baskins Robbins website, these locations are listed and to me that implies that are participating in the specials advertised on their website!

    • says

      How frustrating! I’ll ask the readers on fb later. Ours in Puyallup usually participates in promos, but I haven’t had a chance to check on this one. Thanks for letting us know. I agree with you that the website makes it seems as if they’re participating.

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