South Sound Neighborhood Light Displays!

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Wondering where to see Christmas Lights in the South Sound? Trying to find that neighborhood in Bonney Lake with all the lights, or how to get to that, “Famous,” street in Redondo? Here’s my round up of best South Sound  neighborhoods for Christmas Lights from South King County to Olympia, based mostly on ideas from our Facebook community. Thank you soooo much for all your suggestions (I apologize if I left anyone out of the thank-yous), and if you know of other great houses or neighborhoods to drive by, please leave a comment so I can add it!

Keep in mind these are private homes, so I definitely can’t make any guarantees here! Oh, and you may want to bring some cans of food, as many of these fun folks take donations for the food bank.

Update: Do be sure to check the comments below this post for more suggestions. Also, if you’re new here-welcome! I write about things you can go and do with your family around the South Sound. I have new ideas every single day, plus a huge list of fun and affordable outings every Friday morning. I hope you’ll consider subscribing to my emails or liking the site on Facebook!

Houses with lots of Christmas lights

South King County
  • Lake Wilderness Neighborhood off Witte Road in Maple Valley  Sue says the neighborhood goes all out, and they’ll be collecting food donations this weekend.
  • ViewPointe at Redondo in Federal Way    drive Redondo Beach Drive until it becomes 1st Avenue S. Turn left on S. 30othPL.  From the south, take 1st Avenue South and turn right.  Lights on from 6PM-10PM   Thanks, Jennifer, Allison, Sanja and others
  • Holiday House in Covington on 176th Ave SE (crest air park) from fb reader, Robin

East Pierce/ Bonney Lake

  •  Sky Island in Bonney Lake  Huge displays set to music and neighbors going, “All in,” to outdo each other!  Go up 410 and turn right at the 2nd light by the Chevron and the Wendys. Readers recommend turning right on 181st Ave E or Left on 95th and then right on 181st for the best cul de sac. Know that the area is very busy on the weekends.  Thanks, CoreyAnn, Hollie, and others


  •   Country Hollow/Siliver Creek area off 176th/Meridian/Gem Heights is really good, lights up already but give it after the weekend and even more will be up, we live in the neighborhood but drive through a couple times throughout the month of December.   Thanks, Ashlee  New: Jenna says they’ve found some good ones off Sunrise Blvd E
  • Crystal Ridge off Shaw Road recommended by Liz and several others  There is a particularly impressive display in the first neighborhood to your left, a few houses in. It’s a massive collection set to music. You can find it by following the crowd!


  • My brother in laws…in Orting on Nunnally. Every inch of house and yard is covered…they have their own radio station so it is timed to music. Thanks, Stefanie!
  • Last year there was a Great effort at 1601 Riddell Ave NE  I don’t know if it’s up this year, but it’s right nearby, so you can swing over and see. Reader Kylee says this one is a no-go this year.
  • Reader Heather recommended Cardinal St. in the Hidden Lakes neighborhood last year.


  • Argent suggests a house on 48th a few blocks off Pacific Ave towards the mall, and adds that there are several good efforts on 54th right off Pacific Avenue.  Reader Marian also suggests E 48th.
  • You can also hit the professional, fee based light displays at Fantasy Lights around Spanaway Lake/S Tacoma-Lakewood, or at Zoolights at the Point Defiance Zoo!

Gig Harbor

  • The SFM crew drives through Wildwood Estates off 40th. It’s more a quantity than a quality issue-nothing massive but nearly every house has something. If you know of others, let us know! We always do this on our way back from Christmas Eve church.


Readers say there is a house with a great light display synced up to music. We’re not sure about the street-Kim thinks it might be Griggs or Evans Ct……Sounds like you can’t miss it.



  • Reader Tami and several others recommend the Ken Lakes neighborhood;  go South on Black Lake Blvd. off 101

Beyond: You can, of course, do the professional lights at Clam Lights in Renton (This one is FREE), Zoolights at the Point Defiance Zoo, Holiday Lights at Wild Waves in Federal Way, or Fantasy Lights around Lake Spanaway-If you’d like the quick link to the coupon to save on Fantasy Lights admission, I have that right here!  While it’s out out of my, “Territory,” several readers wrote in to recommend Snowflake Lane in Bellevue.

If you know of other great neighborhood light displays, please do leave a comment! Thanks to everyone for your help with this post. I can’t wait to load the kids up and go check some of these out. Do you think we can drink cocoa while daddy drives?

Top photo by Donielle via Flickr Used under a Creative Commons License, with some rights reserved; text added by me

Blue house photo courtesy and property of CoreyAnn of AdventureBee


  1. Heather Antonius says

    Another one in Orting is on Cardinal St in Hidden Lakes neighborhood. They connect the lights to the music, it’s beautiful and fun. And yes the house on Riddell Ave decorates not only the front of the house, but also fun to see from the back on the main road. That house is also AMAZING to check out on Halloween. I’ve never seen such an awesomely decorated house anywhere

  2. says

    I’m not that familiar with the streets in Orting, where is Cardinal St? I found the other two houses on the map and would love to add that one to my list to see when I go down there.

    • says

      I’m not sure either, Tonya. I think it’s part of one of the developments.
      This is via Mapquest. hth!
      Turn right onto Calistoga St W.

      Calistoga St W is just past Leber St NE
      Wawa Teriyaki is on the corner
      If you are on S Washington Ave and reach Train St SW you’ve gone a little too far

      Zoom to this StepAvoid this Step
      0.8 mi
      5. Calistoga St W becomes Orting Kapowsin Hwy E.

      0.3 mi
      6. Turn left onto Cardinal St.

      Cardinal St is just past 188th St E
      If you reach Robin St you’ve gone about 0.1 miles too far

      0.07 mi
      7. [200-299] CARDINAL ST SW.

      Your destination is just past Eagle Ave
      If you reach Phoenix Ave you’ve gone a little too far

  3. arayana says

    Yelm has some nice dispkays, they are pretty spread out but some neighborhoods down Tahoma Blvd and Longmire are nice, plus Barrybridges Rd.

    • says

      Hey, Tami,
      Sort of in the middle? It’s across from Whitley/Whitney Estates with the big white sign, and it has a sign. I think there are actually two entrances. None of the houses are Amazing, but almost every house has something, and they’re close together, so it’s just kind of neat. I’m totally looking for other Gig Harbor area suggestions. If you find more, let me know!

  4. Jenn says

    We went to the neighborhood in Redondo tonight and it was really nice. The way it’s written above looked like 30th to me, but it is in fact 300th.

  5. Marissa says

    Just so you know it’s just the one house on cardinal st in orting that has lights so it may not be worth the drive out there if you don’t live in the area.

  6. Norene says

    That blue lighted house you featured is in Lakeland Hills in south Auburn. He doesn’t do it every year, but it is a sight to behold when he does. There’s also a food bank collection bin there. The hill is a fun place to drive around during Christmas time.

    • says

      Hey, Julia,
      They are a combination of suggestions from last year and this year. So far, I haven’t had anyone tell me that any aren’t good ones, but I haven’t driven by them each myself, so I can’t promise.

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