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All three of my guys were camping Saturday (I’ll let you guess which two were excited about it)!

Look what's new!

Look what’s new!

So, I used the time to get in some work on the site, and I wanted to let you know quickly what I’ve been up to, and ask for a little help!

First, I’ve updated the look of the Facebook page. Not terribly exciting, but it’s a fun spot if you haven’t visited lately.

Second, I spent some way too much time on the Sounds Fun Mom Pinterest boards. Wow-what a time suck! I’m excited about the Summer Board, in particular, which I’m using as a parking lot for future adventures and ideas for when the kids tell me they’re bored (this should happen about two hours in, if history is any guide).  If you’re on Pinterest, feel free to check out my boards, and thanks to all of you who have already pinned from Sounds Fun Mom.

I’ve also added a calendar (Woot!). This will replace the weekly events guide I’ve been doing on Sundays. You can find a preview of it over in the sidebar where it says Upcoming Events, and you can see the whole thing by clicking on, “See calendar,” below the preview, or by clicking on the calendar link in the menu bar.

The calendar will NOT replace your big, weekend guide. Those detailed lists of weekend, family events will still be up every Friday morning, and I will not be adding all of those to the calendar. If you’ve come to rely on Sounds Fun Mom to plan your weekend, be assured I have no plans to change that! I do hope the calendar will be a great place to record weekday events, recurring events, and to help those of you who like to plan ahead a bit. And, yes, just as soon as I figure it out, you’ll be able to submit your group’s events directly. Please let all the club organizers and event marketing people you know in on this scoop!

How can you help with any of this? Naturally, I’d love to have your input! Do you like the calendar? Is there something else you’d like to see on the site? Do you use Pinterest to plan events or outings, or is it more your go-to spot for crafts and recipes? What would you like to see more of as we head into the summer? Outings? Deals? Parks? Particular places? Don’t be shy about letting me know!

I’d also love to have some of your photos. I stink at photography-I just do! If you’ve taken bright, action shots at events you found at Sounds Fun Mom, I’d love to use them here at the site. Just email, and include them as attachments. I can’t pay you, and you grant me permission to use them as I wish. I Am glad to give you credit for them, if you have a blog or business, or you’d just enjoy the shout out!

Phew! I think that’s about it! Thanks, as always, for being a reader, and for helping me grow this site by sharing it with your fun loving friends and family.


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