Win Tickets to Rapunzel at StoryBook Theater!

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I’m super excited to have another generous giveaway from our friends at StoryBook Theater, and I know this is one you’ve been waiting for!


It’s Rapunzel!

This fun production features a rainbow colored hair-oine, and like all StoryBook Theater productions, it’s a lively show with fun sets and costumes, positive messages, and a just-right length for young audiences.

You can find out more about this great Puget Sound theater company here (If you’re one of my South King County readers, you may want to take a look at their summer theater camps for kids, too). You may also want to follow StoryBook theater on Facebook to stay up to date on their latest productions and other fun.

On to the giveaway! I’ve got a family 4-pack to the 11AM show on April 20th at Renton’s Carco theater. Check your calendars now to make sure that works. Done?  Great! Let’s enter:

Because I know you’re excited about this one, I’m going to give you up to three entries each.

  • For a first, required entry, leave a comment telling us about your best or worst hair style ever. Mine was a bommerang perm. Yes, that was a thing.
  • For a second, optional entry, subscribe to my emails, and then come back and leave a comment saying you did so. Note: You will get an email asking you to confirm you want ’em, which I’ll verify. You’re not a subscriber until you’ve taken this step. My emails come out just once a day, and they’re a daily digest of the posts. I don’t use them for any other purpose. If you already get ’em, say that!
  • For a third, optional entry, follow me on Twitter or like the site on Facebook. Then leave a comment that you did. Already do? Just say that! Remember: All comments must be left here. Comments left on fb, or emailed won’t count.

All entries should be left as comments on this post, and make sure to leave separate comments for each of the three entry methods. My comment feature sometimes goes bonky with a lot of entries at once, so if you have issues, come back later and try again. If your comments are accepted but you don’t see them, it’s just because I’m out and about and haven’t approved them yet. I promise I will!

The winner will be announced 10AM Monday, and I will need to hear back within 24 hrs. or I’ll have to choose someone else. In other words, please be sure your comment includes an email you check!  Good Luck and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Disclosure: StoryBook Theater provided the tickets for this giveaway. I was not compensated. Facebook is not associated with this contest. You knew that, right?



  1. Nikki says

    Worst haircut ever for me, was an 90’s perm. Sounds mild enough until you combine it with enormous 90’s glasses and chubby cheeks and bangs, teased hairsprayed bangs. Thanks mom!

  2. Stephanie Whisenhunt says

    So far i’ve never really not liked my hair so my best hair is when it had pink in it a couple years ago. I miss it

  3. Rachelle says

    Worst hair style every. Morning when I take my daughter to school! My hair is naturally curly with new growth sticking out of my herald even headband won’t tame the darn thing! One time I had it straightened like permanent curl 5 days before my wedding day. The result was very bad that I had to use a waxing cream to hold my hair neatly to my head cause it was sticking out weirdly flat straight :((

  4. Patricia Seifert says

    My worst hair style is tied, between my sweet bangs when I was about 6 years old. Cut all the way back to my ears (according to my mother to keep stuff out of my hair) and my awesome at home perm in the 7th grade. Awful.

  5. Cristina says

    Mine was when I had my hair thinned out because it’s so thick.

    I looked like a had a mullet a la David Bowie in The Labyrinth. Dance magic dance!

  6. lisa anne says

    my worst hairstyle was a short boy style hair cut that my mom made me have growing up…looking back at all those pictures :::shudders:::::

  7. Joanne C says

    My worst hairstyle was a spiral perm. Oh, the ’80s were so unkind! Even worse, I got it at a beauty school. Hours of pure torture!!!

  8. Shana says

    My worst hair style was short on one side, longer on the other AND permed. Yikes! Best was a cute blonde pixie cut I recently had.

  9. Hilary says

    My worst hairstyle was for my best friend’s wedding. She wanted her sister and I to have classic French twists and she made hair appointments for us at a nice salon. The poor hairdresser could not work with either of our heads of hair: sister’s – thin and wispy; mine – thick and fuzzy. So after 2 hours with no luck he sent us to a beauty school down the street. Sister’s hair turned out looking like a beehive and mine was stacked high with curli-cues and babysbreath! Yikes! When my friend saw us she yelled “what happened to your hair? I hate it!” and all the moms went to work trying to make us at least not be an embarrassment for the bride. Good times!
    Also, when I was in third grade my parents got divorced and to show my displeasure with this I refused to let my mom brush my hair. After months of having a snarly mess (a great hairstyle in and of itself) my mom laid down the law and put a thick Vaseline-type detangler in my hair. It wouldn’t wash out so it made my hair look stringy. At school the next day kids kept coming up to me to feel my hair and then announce “it’s not wet!”

  10. Cheryl says

    when I was younger, I fell asleep with bubble gum in my mouth. Needless to say, I cut off the “evidence,” and my mom promptly cut off my curly locks to blend in that rat bite…now the incident is a traumatic lesson to teach my own kids.

  11. says

    My worst hair style was when I used to curl, tease and hairspray the living day lights out of my bangs. Remember when the higher the better was the in thing, yea, I still wonder why/where that one came from.

  12. Megan F says

    My worst hairstyle was when i was younger and wanted my hair cut to my chin for a bob and the lady chopped my hair to my ears. i remember being to angry i cried and cried.

  13. Jessica says

    my aunt was going to beauty school and had just got back from a trade show…she experimented on me. Super short cut but the back was cut at a slant!!!! Trapezoid hair! And I’m already subscribed!

  14. nikki says

    Best & worst: shaved my head. When I was in my 20s, my husb & I moved to the Mid Atlantic area. I couldn’t stand the humidity & decided to go for a shorter hairstyle, but the cut wouldn’t be long enough to be donated, so I decided to give it a shave.
    Best: hair was donated & all os the sudden I have so much extra time.
    Worst: hair didn’t grow fast enough for the ’96 blizzard.

  15. Marie Hansch says

    My worst hairstyle was my freshman year of high school when I tried to take my dark brown hair blonde. My stylist bleached my hair and it came out a white/gray that looked absolutely awful!

  16. Melissa says

    My worst hair was after my parents got divorced and my dad put those long skinny hot rollers in my hair. We left them overnight. I looked like a frizzy triangle. I have to give my dad props for trying but it was bad…I had to go to school that waym

  17. says

    A kinky perm circa 1987 that I followed with far too much of that Sun-In blonding stuff (remember?). Dear heavens, it’s amazing my hair didn’t just revolt and fall out completely. Would have served me right! I already Like your FB page and follow!

  18. Lindsay York says

    Hopefully I’m not too late to enter! My worst hair style was a Dorothy Hammil bob thing…not sure what my mom was thinking!!

  19. says

    I am a subscriber to your emails, liked you on Facebook and would live to take my 3 yr old to this! She absolutely loves Rapunzel :) I think she’s her favorite. Please pick me! 😀

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