Tea For Ruby at Evergreen City Ballet: Winners Announced!

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Congratulations to our winners-Lory and Marybell, whose comments were selected by the random number generator!

 Many thanks to everyone who entered. If you didn’t win, the show runs through the end of this month, and  there are still tickets available. I’ve heard from readers who have already gone that it’s adorable!

I do have more great giveaways coming soon, and your interest in these contests really does help me bring them to you, so thanks!

Marybell and Lory, I’ve sent you each an email. I do need to hear back from you within 24 hrs.

If someone at your house loves tea parties and dress-up, have I got the show for you. It’s the world premiere of Tea For Ruby from our friends at Evergreen City Ballet. Adapted from the book by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, with illustrations by Robin Preiss Glasser of Fancy Nancy fame, this ballet is totally kid friendly and cuter than a crumpet.  Costumed dancers come in the lobby after each performance, so don’t forget your camera! There are shows in Bellevue (Robin Preiss Glasser will be signing books at these performances),  Renton, and Auburn, beginning March 2nd and running through the 30th. Here’s a bit more about the show from our ECB friends.

Tea for Ruby

Before there was Fancy Nancy, there was Ruby!

Ruby gets a princess-worthy lesson on manners in this charming world-premiere ballet adapted from the picture book from #1 New York Times best-selling, Fancy Nancy illustrator, Robin Preiss Glasser and author Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York.

Ruby does her best to have good manners – yet no matter her efforts, she just can’t seem to succeed.  But when Ruby receives a mysterious surprise invitation to tea with the Queen, she is especially determined to polish her poise.  Will she ever manage to be proper in time for tea at the palace?

You can get more information and print at home tickets for the show of your choice right here.

But, wait….I mentioned a giveaway!

Hold on to the china, because I’ve got TWO sets of FOUR tickets to Tea For Ruby in Auburn, Saturday March 30th at 1:30 or 5PM (the winners even get to pick their show time)!

Here’s how to enter:  UPDATE: Contest has ended. Please don’t enter, but do check back for future great giveaways!

  • For a first required entry, visit the Evergreen City Ballet page or their Facebook page. Come back here and leave a comment letting us know what you saw that looked exciting for your family. Remember: Facebook likes or comments don’t count as entries. Only comments left here, on this post, will count.
  • For a second, optional entry, subscribe to my emails, and leave a comment letting me know you did so. If you already get them, you can just tell me that! Note: You will get an email after you sign up, asking you to confirm that you want ‘em. You won’t be a subscriber until you take this additional step. My emails are one digest of the day’s posts. I don’t use your email for any other purpose.

We’re going to draw the winner March 11th, so you have plenty of time to tell your friends, but don’t put off entering. I just know this is going to be a darling show! Get commenting and Good Luck!

Disclosure: Evergreen City Ballet donated the tickets for this giveaway. I was not compensated otherwise, and the opinions are my own. Facebook is not associated, nor responsible for, this contest. You knew that, right?


  1. We love Fancy Nancy and Tea for Ruby! How exciting that they are doing pictures after the show!

  2. Melissa Arena says:

    Oh My Goodness!!! My girls would LOVE a ballerina at their birthday party!!!

  3. Melissa Arena says:

    And I already subscribe of course

  4. I am so intriqued by this play. My daughter is 7.5yrs old. Not only do I know she’ll love the experience. I think it’ll be good for her spirit. In this last month we have experienced a lot as a family. Her 3 older sisters have moved out (to experience the real world ~they are 18+) We just moved & our future home has had some issues so we’ve been staying in a hotel for the last 2 weeks. I woulf be so excited to see her smile big & enjoy a night …. JUST FOR HER ~ She is such a beautiful soul of resilence. Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. Already subscribed!

  6. Lise Tanner says:

    Loved the postings on their FB page! This is just awesome for kids and families – love having these artistic/creative events in our area – we are blessed!

  7. Summer Dance Camp looks fun for the girls!

  8. Wow, visited their facebook and loved the kid friendly things they had, not just Ruby but also Angelina Ballerina! And also that we got some behind the scenes peeks at things used for the set in Ruby, etc :) and Ellen tickets!

  9. Also subscribed to emails!

  10. We saw Fancy Nancy last year & it was great!
    I didn’t know you could get a real live ballerina to come to
    a birthday party.. :)

  11. Subscribed!

  12. My girls love reading all the Fancy Nancy and Tea for Ruby books! They for sure would love watching this ballet :)

  13. this Looks So Fun!
    I Love That Kids Are sitting On Pillows At The Museum.
    My Daughter Always Twirls Around The House In Her Tutu And Says “I’m A Ballerina”
    She Would Love To See Real Dancers!

  14. I SubscribeTo Your Emails!

  15. I would love my daughter to have a ballerina birthday party! What a great idea. I am a big fan of Nutcracker performances as well

  16. I also subscribe to your helpful emails already! :)

  17. The ballerina parties look like fun with crafts and dancing. My girl would enjoy it.

  18. Angelina Ballerina dance classes, how fun would that be. My girls would love these.

  19. I subscribe to your emails as well.

  20. the ballerina birthday parties look cool

  21. subsribed to your emails jinglebellstime@gmail.com

  22. I have a little ballerina who has been doing ballet for 4 years and we just started reading the Nancy Clancy chapter books which we love! I’d love to get a chance take her to an actual ballet!

  23. Just took a look at the Evergreen City Ballet page, looks great! Both my kids love Angelina ballerina and LOVE to dance along. Loves the ballerina birthday parties and the Angelina ballerina classes :) fingers crossed to share a special day with my daughter!

  24. Already subscribed to emails

  25. I would love to take my three little girls to go see this we have never been to a play before due to having a family of five it gets kind of spendy . I think the would enjoy it they are 10,6,4 and we love fancy Nancy so there for I know they would love to experience this so please pick us
    Thank you. Kristy

  26. Looks like a great trip! My daughter and neice LOVEs ballet and plays and we would LOVE to win tickets to visit this one!!! :) Already subscribed to your emails and LOVE getting the information on fun things and ideas to do in the area! Thanks!

  27. We have never been in a ballet show before. This could be our first time! Looks like fun!!!

  28. I am already a sus

  29. The Angelina ballet classes and the ballerina birthday parties look adorable!

  30. New subscriber!

  31. Melissa Ryker says:

    It looks perfect for my family! It would be a great girls night, me, my Mom, and my two girls! Daddy and the boys can go do something else. Fancy Nancy was one of the first books my nine year old read and she just passed her collection down to my five year old. We love them!

  32. Susan Keighron says:

    I went to their website and found out that they have lessons that my i can sign my little girl up for, that’s awesome! She would love the tea for ruby ballet too! Alo I get your emails :-)

  33. Susan Keighron says:

    Already a subscriber!

  34. How exciting to see this! Plus, I love that they have ballerina birthday parties!

  35. my family of giggly girls would love this! Nothing more fun that getting dressed up in your frilly fabulousness & going to a fun show!

  36. of course I subscribe to ur email!!! :) luv them!

  37. This looks like great fun! My daughter is very into acting lately this would be exciting for her to see”

  38. We love these books!

  39. Already subscribed to email

  40. Stefanie says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  41. Stefanie says:

    I think Hallie would LOVE their Cinderella production and their Tea for Ruby! I didn’t even know about this company!

  42. Clare Honn says:

    An adorable ballet and then cupcakes at Trophy Cupcakes post show? My dd would bein heaven!

  43. Clare Honn says:

    Already a subscriber! Thanks for all the great family fun ideas!

  44. Amanda Montoy says:

    Cinderella looks like it will be wonderful too! Me and my daughter would love to see Tea For Ruby!

  45. Amanda Montoy says:

    Subscribed to email!

  46. Tea For Ruby looks like a lot of fun! I’d love to see this show!

  47. I’m already subscribed, and I’m glad I’m getting your emails. So many great suggestions! :-D

  48. Patricia says:

    I love all the ballet pictures. I would love to go with my sister and our girls. We love dancing.

  49. Patricia says:

    I’m already subscribed :)

  50. Lindsay York says:

    My little girl loves Fancy Nancy, I’m sure she would lives this too!

  51. Lindsay York says:

    And I already receive your emails!

  52. Omg my little girl would just love this. The pictures on the site are so cute. Wished we lived closer so she could take classes there. Really hope we win, she needs a fun day out that’s all about her and that would be perfect.

  53. First, the Ballerina parties sound fun. Second, I already subscribe.

  54. Not only do I already like their page but both of my daughters take dance at ECB! We can’t wait for summer camp this year! They still haven’t decided whether they’re going to a Cinderella camp or an Angelina Ballerina camp!

  55. I already subscribe to your emails too! <3

  56. I think my kids would LOVE to see Tea for Ruby. They love the Fancy Nancy books and would relate to a character who is trying to use good manners, because they struggle with that too! We’ve enjoyed some of the ballets performed by the Evergreen City Ballet. It’s wonderful to share the pleasure of the arts with your kids when they are little at a venue that is afforadable and targets their age and interests!

  57. Marybell A. says:

    Would love to take my girls to see Tea for Ruby.

  58. Marybell A. says:

    Already subcribed. :)

  59. Blair Slankard says:

    What little girl wouldn’t love this. Mine would be so excited.

  60. Blair Slankard says:


  61. Already subscribe and love your site!

  62. Kristi Jiggens says:

    Hi. I’m already a subscriber and your emails are a life saver! Not being from WA and having three small children it’s VERY hard to find things to do. My daughter would LOVE seeing this play as she is a little performer herself at 5 year’s old. Being the ONLY girl in our family of five, this would absolutely make her entire year!!! Thank you for all you’re hard work and effort for providing such amazing opportunities like this available to families like ours!

  63. I already like the Evergreen City Ballet on fb. I’ve always wanted my 5yo to take a class with them or take her see their “Nutcracker” performance. “Tea with Ruby” would be wonderful to see!

  64. I am subscribed to the SFM email newsletter!

  65. We love ballet and it would be so fun to see Tea for Ruby. Also the Angelina Ballerina classes look so cute!

  66. Angelina Ballerina dance classes look fun!

  67. I subscribed to your email newsletter!

  68. Ruby looks like a fun show, and my own ballerina would love it so much!

  69. Oh, I am also a subscriber and I check your site all the time when planning fun activities over the weekend. Best place to check first if you have kids and live in the south end!

  70. I think the Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy looks fun. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. I already subscribe and love it!

  72. Jami Thrall says:

    My girls love Angelina Ballerina and those dance classes look awesome

  73. Jami Thrall says:

    I just subscribed :)

  74. How neat that they offer boys classes! I didn’t know that before visiting their website. I’m also now subscribed to get emails :-)

  75. My daughter loves Angelina Ballerina and Fancy Nancy! We might have to do a trial class soon!

  76. I went to the website and I’m wondering if I can talk either of my boys into taking free ballet classes! :)

  77. And I already subscribe to your emails. Thanks for the info on everything, I love this site!

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