Ask the Dentist: Are the Stains on My Child’s Teeth Cavities?

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It’s toothy Thursday, and today, Dr.Sakai of Just for Kids Dentistry, answers a reader question. If you’ve got one, send it in, or contact his friendly team for a visit.

Frequently asked questions

Are the stains on my child’s teeth cavities????

Stains on your child’s teeth can be caused by many different factors. Yes, they can be cavities.

Regular visits to the dentist will make sure your kiddo's teeth are tooth fairy pretty!

Regular visits to the dentist will make sure your kiddo’s teeth are tooth fairy pretty!

Having a dental exam will allow us to inspect the stained surfaces and determine whether or not your child’s  teeth need to be treated. After the possibility of a cavity has been ruled out, we can then search for other causes of the staining problem, which can range from Trauma, Food/Drinks, Poor Hygiene, to Medicine. It’s also possible for the staining to be normal and not a cause for concern, but we won’t know without having a look.

Call our office at 253.200.2500 for an appointment and allow us to diagnose the possible cause of the stain or discoloration, to treat it, and to discuss with you ways of preventing similar problems in the future.

Don’t forget that Dr.Sakai and his team have special training in working with children, including first time patients and kiddos with special needs.

Their office also hosts field trips, if you have a group doing special activities for Children’s Dental Health Month. To schedule one, or to make an appointment with Dr.Sakai for your child, just head here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Dr.Sakai and Just for Kids Dentistry are Awesome sponsors. If you’re in the process of choosing a dental provider, I hope you’ll consider checking out their office and thanking them for their support of Sounds Fun Mom!


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    The boys and I love getting your emails everyday. Thank you so much for all the work you do EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!! Wahoooo!

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