Free Event for Military Kids! RSVP Needed!

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I want to make sure my military readers know about the Free kids day event coming up on the 10th at South Tacoma’s STAR center. There will be inflatables, games, and all kinds of activities just to salute all the kiddos who share their moms and dads with our country. You do have to Register. I hope you’ll consider passing this one on to military families you know! This one is brought to you by The Ranger and Airlifter newspapers, with the support of Children’s. I want to send a special shout-out to the folks who run the online magazine, JBLM spouses. I’ve found lots of funĀ  stuff in there (for all families), and I’m very proud that they’ve featured Sounds Fun Mom. Thanks, guys! To sign your family up for this event, head here to Northwest


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