Track Santa With Norad!

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That’s Henry a couple of years ago getting a word in with you know who. He must be pretty persuasive because he gets loot every year no matter how much of a stinker he is. If you’d like to make sure Kris Kringle is headed to your house, you’ll want to read on for how to keep an eye on his progress with a little help from some fighter pilots and radar equipment!

Every year, NORAD-that’s the North American Aerospace Defense Command, a joint Canadian and American agency, tracks Santa. Beginning Christmas Eve, you can get regular updates via the web as NORAD tracks his progress using a combination of satellites, radar, and Santa Cams. You can even get them on your phone.

The NORAD Tracks Santa site is really well put together. It has lots of cute info. about how the NORAD volunteers keep track of the big guy. You might also want to read the history of how the agency got into the sleigh monitoring biz-it all started with a typo!

It’s also not to late to send your kiddos (or anyone, for that matter), a free video message from St. Nick via the Portable North Pole. Reader Kristin shared this tip on a previous post, and I’ve heard from several readers that their kids were Thrilled to hear from Santa. If only he offered, “Clean your room,” messages year round!

P.S. Heather from Because More is More says those of you with Onstar can get instant updates while you’re on the go!

Looking for something to do today? Most places are open Christmas Eve, though some shops close early this evening. If you go down one post to my weekend list, most of the, “Ongoing Events,” at the top are still going on. If you need a hand with something, hop on over to our Facebook page, and we’ll try to play elf for you! Have a Merry One!

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