How to Train Your Dragon Discounts!

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Looking for discounts to the Tacoma How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular at the Tacoma Dome?

When I first wrote this post, code CYBER was good for half off, but it has now expired. You can still try the codes and deals below.

Today there is a deal on Living Social. This is a good deal and it comes with souvenirs. The big catch is that seating is first come, first served. You can check it out here.

UPDATE: Thanks to Facebook reader, Leah, for letting me know that you can also buy discount tickets through Walmart. They’re advertised as 25.00 tickets, but they come out to 37.00 with the fees. These are available on the 6th and 7th only, and it’s the same price for any seat.

If you want to go opening night, try code MOM for 25% off. Enter it in the promo box at the top of the little box on the left. Then choose your section. When you click on any individual seat you will see the price with the MOM code and every other available discount. Obviously, if the Walmart link was cheaper, you could do that one instead.

It is possible that we’ll still see other offers to this show, but I obviously can’t guarantee that. If this is just too steep for your budget this year, or if you think your kiddos might be terrified (after you’ve spend a lot of cha ching), consider looking at my South Sound Holiday events guide. You’ll find a whole slew of family fun at prices ranging from FREE to Wowza! Shows and performances are at the bottom.



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    Thanks for this. I just bought tickets for the twins birthday. It was expensive, but is also the only present they are getting, and the show is ON their birthday! I think it was meant to be. :)

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