Ask the Dentist: Dr.Sakai Explains Sealants

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By popular demand, we have another post from our sponsors at Just for Kids Dentistry on River Road in Puyallup.

Dr.Sakai has been answering some of your questions about common dental dilemmas, and today he explains sealants. If you’re wondering whether your child is a good candidate for sealants, or if you’re just looking for a new dentist for your children, Dr.Sakai and his team would be glad to talk with you. They have special training in working with first time patients and children with special needs.


  1. Dana says

    Hi, I would love to ask the dentist about my almost 2 year old’s bottom front teeth. They have a lot of brown build- up on them (Tartar?) that no amount of brushing will remove. I’m so worried about it- not only how it looks, but also if it could affect the overall health of her teeth and gums. Thank you!

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