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You might have heard that Great Wolf Lodge is on Living Social.

It’s taken me a while to write about it, because I wanted to compare each of the options to their regular and sale rates (Here I thought I was done with story problems)!

The short answer? Each of the Living Social offers is a Better deal than their regular rate, And a better deal than the sales they typically offer (Howls)!

The longer answer? While the Living Social offers are Better deals, they aren’t the Cheapest deals you can get because none of the single day deals includes their least expensive room option. This means if you’re on a budget you may be better off waiting for another sale. Though I’m obviously not guaranteeing it, I think we’ll see one around October 5th. If you can use the code HEROES for first responders and military members, which gives you 20% off best available rates, you’ll also probably also want to pass on this one.

On the other hand, if you have a large family, you’ve been wanting to try a fancier room, or you value the extras, these deals from Living Social  are definitely worth jumping on. We didn’t do much this summer, so I’m seriously thinking about option #2 for my boys.

Here’s all the choices:

  • A One-Night Stay for Up to Six Guests, Sundays through Thursdays, in a Themed Wolf Den or KidKamp Suite with Six Water Park Wristbands and Four gr8_Space Passes ($219) SFM Note: The sale price would actually be cheaper here, so this one is only a good deal if you value the gr8Space passes and the extra water park passes.
  • Or, a One-Night Stay for Up to Seven Guests, Sundays through Thursdays, in a Themed KidCabin Suite with Seven Water Park Wristbands and Seven Water Park Lunches ($229) SFM Note: A good deal if you want a KidCabin Suite, even before adding in the lunch.
  • Or, a One-Night Stay for Up to Eight Guests, Sundays through Thursdays ($249) or Fridays ($269), in a Premium Grand Bear or Majestic Bear Suite with Eight Water Park Wristbands SFM Note: Ditto Above OOPS-This one is SOLD OUT. Others are still available.
  • Or, a Two-Night Stay for Up to Four Guests, Arriving Sundays through Wednesdays, in a Luxury King Suite with Four Water Park Wristbands, Late 2 p.m. Checkout, and One Large Two-Topping Pizza, Salad, Breadsticks, and Two-Liter Soda ($339) SFM Note: This would be the cheapest per night option-might be a good one to split with another family. Do note that a lot of folks don’t feel the need to purchase more than one night, because with a one night visit you’re allowed to play in the water park at 1PM the day you check in, and until close the day of check out.
  • You can get all the rest of the scoop right here

Do note that most of these options are for weekdays only, and you won’t be able to pick your dates with this deal until after you complete your purchase. There are also a few days when the waterpark is closed, and some days blacked out before Thanksgiving. Living Social does offer 30 day guarantees, so if you couldn’t get one that worked, you could get your money back.

Also keep in mind that you’ll have to pay taxes and fees in addition to the voucher price, and they’re a real kick in the teeth. As always, read the rest of the fine print, too.

If you do decide this offer is a good one (and I think it is for Some of you), you can head here to pick one up. A similar Groupon did sell out, so don’t wait too long to take the plunge if you decide to do it.

If you pick up this Living Social Deal to Great Wolf, I’d love to hear your reports when you come back!

For tips on navigating the lodge once you get there, you’ll want to read my post on Tips for Saving on a Trip to Great Wolf. It’s an old one, but still full of good stuff.

If it’s just plain out of your budget all together, you can always check out the super cool pool at the Federal Way Community Center, where you can co slides and a lazy river for a teensy, beensy fraction of the price!


  1. admin says

    SFM Note: Reader Laura left this comment on my GWL, “Tip post,” but I’m taking the liberty of sharing it here as well, because I think she has a good idea about how to make this deal work.

    I just bought the Living Social package for 8 on Sun-Thurs. I will try to pass on anything that might be helpful to others going with older children. I’m splitting the deal with my boyfriend and bringing all the kids (substituting any empty spots with friends). So I’m in it for half $124.50 so far. Promo cost was $249 before taxes and such. I saw on the “this post” that you get you $10 back when you return the key to the lockers for those of us who will stay the extra time at the water park. The link, also, has a lot of ideas to save money and tips. Thank you for adding the link. What I am really wondering is…. If the water park closes at 9:00 pm, what are cheap ways to entertain older kids besides gr8_space. I heard that you can rent DVDs and Game stuff for your rooms but was wondering if you could just bring the play station or Xbox. BTW I was referred to this site from The Hungry Housewives who was passing on your comments on the LS promo.

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