Brown’s Point Lighthouse Tour and Beach

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I’ve blabbed all about Brown’s Point Lighthouse Park before, but with summer almost (sort of, kind of) here, I thought I’d remind you about this great outing. You can play at the lovely beach any day, and if you go on a Saturday afternoon, you can take a tour of the Lighthouse Keeper’s cottage.

Mapquest does a good job of getting you to this little gem in NE Tacoma. You’ll feel like you’re lost since you have to wind through a series of small, neighborhood streets. I promise you’re not. The park itself is at the end of Tulalip St, after the dead end sign.

It offers gorgeous, rolling lawns with picnic tables and a prime slice of waterfront for beach combing.

I’ve never been there and found more than a handful of other visitors, usually folks from the neighborhood.

The one downside to this lovely spot? Parking is very, very limited. There is a big, empty parking lot right next door, but it’s private property, and they don’t want to share, so don’t try it. I honestly don’t know what to tell you to do if the spots are full, because the streets are way too small to park on. I think maybe you could drive up to the playground, park, and walk down, but it would be a trek. I honestly think if it’s full, you might be better off getting back on Marine Drive and heading to Redondo. If anyone has a better idea, leave a comment!

During the summer months, you can also tour the lighthouse keeper’s cottage. Your kids just may get to ring the bell.  How great is that?

Tours run until October from 1-4 on Saturdays.  It really is charming, and there is plenty that kids are allowed to touch.  Tours are free.

You can also rent the lighthouse keeper’s quarters for 950.00 a week in July and August, and less other months. Now, that’s a little out of our staycation budget, but it’s a pretty screaming deal for a week at a waterfront house (it’s got cable and wifi, too). Hey, hasn’t your mother in law always wanted to be a lighthouse keeper??? You can get much more information on the history of the lighthouse, rentals, and more from the Points Northeast Historical Society.

Want to spill the beans on your family’s favorite little beach outing? I’d love to hear about it!



  1. Nancy Bess says

    Points Northeast Historical Society, who conducts the tours of the lightkeepers’ cottage, and manages the onsite museum, have changed the tour hours to “May to October.” This schedule change as of 2015. FYI.

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