Lion Snacks for a Munchable March

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I told you I wasn’t crafty, and I wasn’t lion.

The old saying is that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. I can’t predict the second part, but this wild, wet weather should make explaining the lion part to your guys pretty easy! If you do a quick search you can find hundreds of much cuter versions of this snack, most of them cookies or cupcakes. Henry already had most of a box of Girl Scout cookies yesterday, so I was going for something a little more nutritious. We did a rice cake base with peanut butter for the fur, pretzels for the mane, and raisins for the eyes. I think it looks sort of lion-ish. Obviously, if your kids have peanut allergies, you’ll need to sub that out. I think chow mein noodles might have made for a better mane. If you come up with a cuter one, feel free to post it to the Facebook page.

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