What Sound Does a Reindeer Make?

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Weirdly, I have been getting a lot of hits to the blog from folks searching for this information.

I’m not sure why Google would send you here, but as I aim to please, I did a little research. The general consensus is that when reindeer make noise it sounds like grunting. At times, they also make noises that have been described as sounding like barks and also….’ahem…gas passing.

If you go to you tube, I’m sure you can find a video and give it a listen yourself. Assuming (and I think this is a good bet) that you’re trying to help your children hear them, I think you might try listening for the magical bells on their collars instead, or the sound of hooves landing on neighbors’ rooftops perhaps. ¬†Or, after you scatter your reindeer food you might look for evidence of a test run….some glittery magic left by their hooves¬†perhaps? or a faint impression in the ground?

or maybe at your house the reindeer drop off presents-like that new pair of jammies for Christmas morning.

If you’ve heard a reindeer up close and personal, do chime in!

If you found this post searching around, I do hope it’s been of help, and if you’re a parent in the South Puget Sound, stick around!

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